BITS POC (Proof of Concept) Labs

Our Proof of Concept (POC) services provide a testing area where business intelligence (BI) solutions can be assessed and evaluated. We have direct access to the latest technology and firmware for hands-on interaction and testing. Throughout service delivery, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide firsthand insights, not only into the technical requirements, but also into the business needs that drive the technology requirements.


We demonstrate how client's organizational objectives can be supported by our business intelligence solutions. We can provide a fully functional proof of concepts.


With the PoC Lab service, you will gain a highly interactive service that will enable your enterprise to develop, test, and validate deployment design and technology — before going live


Key features include

  • Ability to scale up and scale wide proving live scenarios
  • Bring in experts from various domains to share experiences
  • Technology hosting and evaluation at site
  • Map best of breed technologies with customer governance model
  • Expertise in various domains and models


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