Data Analytics & Reporting



  • Help Fraud analysts to evolve various fraud models by exploring all relevant raw data available in Hadoop data lake
  • Understand how many authorizations post differently at settlement, to predict the probability of recovery and amount. This allows the team to forecast losses and optimize fraud strategies
  • Identify common merchants that have a high rate of fraud across all authorizations. This allows the team to anticipate potentially compromised cards
  • Calculate fraud rates across data elements, such as merchant location, customer location at transaction, MCCs, entry mode, plastic type, and service code. This allows the team to quickly identify new fraud trends and implement corresponding fraud rules
  • Identify possible fraud card compromises through breaches or intercept, so that the team can reissue cards before losses increase
  • Understand when a customer is expecting to travel, or has made purchases while traveling, so that they can be placed into a travel fraud strategy




  • Google Analytics & Adwords tracking for your online store.
  • We help business to identify underperforming areas and help seize larger market share.
  • Customized integrated BI and online dashboards to keep the information you need at your fingertips
  • Our analytics implementation experts will set up and integrate Google Analytics and Google Adwords conversion tracking within your site. This allows to gain valuable insights into your site's current performance as it relates to any metric you wish including site traffic, top landing pages, social media performance, paid search ROI and much more.


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