Our Strategy: Your Path to Success





Our team of professional developers are held to high standards. In accordance with our many years of experience, we have developed a methodology that has produced consistent results across the board.


Our plan and its documentation are flexible enough to change in response to new organizational circumstances and business priorities, budgetary constraints, core competencies and new technologies and a growing understanding of user needs and business objectives.

Our area of focus


BITS LLC Technology team addresses 6 main areas of tactical and strategic challenges presented to companies who have large volumes of data.



Enterprise Information Collection 


Harnessing the power of information assets to apply to business needs. Identifying the kinds of data that will effectively create value using both structured and unstructured diagnostics approach to achieve higher returns on investment


Data Integration


Integration of Unstructured Data from various sources (log files, documents, social media data, crowd sourcing etc.) to Structured Data. Identifying, normalizing and funneling all internal and external data. Assisting in all stages of data processing, data sourcing, validation, filtering and organization.


Data Analytics


Predicting the future of client and customer behaviors, trends and outcomes. The ability to retrieve stored information from voluminous repositories and access it in real time


Text Analytics 


Advanced techniques to analyze data in a variety of formats including content categorization, sentiment analysis and data mining.


Data Visualization


Leveraging open‐source technologies to deliver novel dashboard solutions to meet business performance management needs.


Recommendation Engines


Customized recommendation models using advanced techniques. Use of collaborative filtering, content filtering and hybrid methods


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